B18a1 Turb

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(90' teg RS)I was just wondering how much estimated boost I could run with just the bearings replaced and I will be planning on having a rebuilt head to. I thought maybe if I rebuilt the head and did a mild boost setup, the compression ratio would be ok. I believe it is 9:2:1. Also, What kind of turbo should I be looking at. I've heard alot about the t3/t4 but I really don't know. Finnally, what about a supercharger? I was thinking Vortech for ease of installation. Block guard's are very cheap but are they hard to install? Thanks for your time and info. :worthy: :worthy:
what size turbo? generally, 5-7 is safe with PROPER fuel system and TUNING.
vortech's suck.
dont bother with a block guard at that boost level
That's what I need your help with. Can you give me a list on what I will need(price)? I know you don't like package deals but I think it might be the most trouble free way to go.