b18a1 with b16 p30 pistions questions

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New Member
hey i just bought a b16 short block . and i have 3 b18s in the masment.
2 b18a1's 1 b18b1.
i got a 90k mile a1 thats super clean and want to put the p30 pistions in that.
i know u need to shave the rods. and stuff and i know thay will fit.
i also know it will sit at around 11.5:1 cr. to 12:1 cr
can any one tell me how much hp i will be expecting and how much valve pistion clearenc i will have.....my dad works at a tool makiing shop so i can have him shave my rods and deck my head or block...
dose any one knoe if i can shave it and how much i can......the head or block. i will probably deck the head. thanks plz email me at