B18b &b18c1 Questions

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what are the differances in the B18B and the GSR? would they be about equal or what? and by the way, i have a 93 civic DX, and i want to swap in a b18b, then put GSR head on it, but i have heard some issues with reliabality with all this, fill me in on the low down with reliablity, and no stupid crap like " its as reliable as you build it" or anything else obvious.


the thing with LS/VTEC is that the bottom end is not built to suit the head. when you rev high like around 8200, you tend to damage the engine and possibly blow your engine. I've seen every conversion like this and blows around that range. so just get a B18C.


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hope you're aware that you have to tap the block to send oil to a vtec again so that way vtec can engage. maybe thats why you blow yer shit.