B18b In 89 Crx Si

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What all is required for installing and wireing a b18b in an 89 crx si. I know the b18a is easier but the b18b is more redily available to me right now. I was told you had to swap out the injectors off of an b18a to the b18b. Any info would be great.
first off, im not sure what tranny the 18b has, but i would guess a hydro, if that is the case you need to get a older b18, or b16 tranny that is a cable shifter (the crx is cable)

you will also need the ecu for the new motor, axles

i dont know why you would swap injectors, but im sure someone will soon post much more complete answers than i have : )
thanks for the info.... i thought swapping the injectors and wireing was to be able to use the ecu from an 90-93 integra because that year was easier to swap and wire as opposed to the b18b's wireing. Not real positive.... just want my crx to woop up on my bros 90 gt mustang....
after reading around i think it is to make the obd1 work on a obd 0 car, whic is something i will need to find more about, because i guess its kinda a pain to do, and i am making a b18a swap into a crx, so most of the details will be the same
Hey can you give me some info on your swap>>??>> ya, obd1 is 94 up integra and isnt it 92-? civic, right? obd0 is 89-91 civic and 89-93 integra??
how are you wireing you b18a? i thought i heard you can use your stock si harness but you have to modify the connection to the ecu. i beleive that was the whole reason for switching out injectors from a b18a to b18b and wires on the engine so that you can use your crx harness and integra ecu otherwise the b18b has other wires that would have to be rigged.... thanks
check out this site... this is part of where i got my idea from... once again this is only because i cant seam to be finding any b18a engines in junkyards around my place that atually aren't messed up internally and i have found b18b's all over on the internet for comparable prices...
dudes, i looked into swapping the B18b b4 i did my b18a swap, and priced everything out. it will cost like $1000 bucks more and alot of time to get it done, the tranny ecu and everything is alot harder to do. if i was u id take the time to look for a good b18a. Sadly it has 10hp and 7 trq less than the B18b, but it is a whole world easier. If money and time isnt a problem then go for B18b, its a whole lot sexier engine
i agree- get the b18a. its practically the exact same as the b18b anyway... just a little different cams and a little more flowing manifold.... all things that can be upgraded to match/better the b1
What about wireing for the b18a?? is it true that you can use your stock si harness and simply put the b18a's ecu plugged in to it?? Do you know of a company that sells the sir type axles i would need for this swap? or what axle combanations would i have to use for this swap? thanks
Dude, yes the B18a will plug right into the stock Si harness its the easiest thing ive ever done. but all this talk about type R axels makes no sense. get stock b18a axels remove the dust sheild and ur good to go. Unlike crappy stock Si axels, u wont bend the b18a axels. they are a hell of alot better and can take upwards of 200 hp.trq b4 they need to b changed. even then id still stick with stock axels. all u need to swap b18a is engine tranny ecu( optional i run stock Si ecu and it still works amazingly. I have the 91 teg ecu in garage) mounts shift linkage ( or u can custom make it urself) and oil hoses and all that kinda junk.i dont know of any webpages that tell u how to swap it. but if any1 does plz post it. it will go move in detail to what u gotta do. But dude get this engine is alot easier.