B18B in to 92 HB

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got a 95 B18B ...does it matter which tranmission is used.....Manual or auto?? r the 2 tranmission interchangable... wht else do i need to switch over if thier not interchangable .........help a bro out...CONFUSED BEGINNNER
if you have an AT car, you need an AT tranny. If you have a MT car you need a MT tranny. if you are putting it in a 88 - 91 civic or a 90 - 93 integra , then use a cable tranny, if you are putting it in a 92-00 civic or a 94-01 integra, you need a hydro tranny or a cable tranny with a hydro converter. If you need a hydro tranny, I have an extra one im trying to sell. email me.