B18b N/a Build In A 92-95 Civic Ex Coupe

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they say the b18b is good for turbo.
they say that turbo sucks gas.
they say the b18c is good for n/a.
they say you'll pay out the ass building up an b18c (i think)

the b18b complete swap is 2200 i think, and the b18c is 3500 i think.

is the 1500 dollar difference really going to matter in the end if im going to be going n/a?
should i just get the b18c straight away? I heard (somewhere at hondaswap.com dont remember) that the b18b will cost the same as the b18c in the end... is that true?

i read a lot about people changing heads, how exactly does that help? and what heads the best for those 2 motors?

thanks, i hope thats specific enough!


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if your going NA then get the B18C1... VTEC makes a hell of a difference on NA cars
the B18B can be a bad ass NA setup in a light car but it needs to be built up to do it ($$$$$$$$$$$$)

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Turbo sucks gas? bottom line if you up the power you HAVE TO burn more gas no matter N/A SC or Turbo
as far as what burns more turbos will burn less gas as far as a norm driving goes because when you build a all motor engine you have to run cams and other goodies and from 0-10K RPM you will always burn more then stock gas becuase your engine has to burn more to just idle and keep up with the mild/wild cams

as far as turbo goes it burns more gas with the more boost you run so if your just driving like grandma you will burn gas like grandma

turbo motors can make 300 more WHP then a N/A while running fully stock cams as where a N/A motor to run 200WHP takes a shit load of motor work....

if your looking for a mild powered N/A auto crossing car a B18 is a great engine
if your looking for a fast car for all uses then B18C1-5 is the way to go

I would even pick a B16 over a B18a/b unless for auto x


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Originally posted by jeffie7@Mar 14 2003, 05:33 PM
a N/A motor to run 200WHP takes a shit load of motor work....

Nah, I've seen too many B18s break 200whp without too much work done to them, and with good tuning.