B18b Or B18c?

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I want to do an engine swap in a 92-95 Civic EX 2dr 5spd. All the cars in my town are domestic. All stock or SLIGHTLY modified with the exception of 1 Civic. The Fastest is either a 2000+ Mustang Cobra, or a Ford Tauras SHO, or the DX

If you would, could you possibly give me 2 setups that you think would beat the 2002 Grand Am GT w/ Ram Air, Ford Tauras SHO w/ Cat Back Exhaust and K&N Filter, and the 95 DX Si-R?

How much more would it cost to beat a 2000+ Mustang Cobra?

1 setup in B18B form and
1 in B18C form?
An estimated cost would be GREAT! Thanks a lot!!

I have a spending limit of 6000. I have to buy the actual motor with that. Thanks guys!


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double and triple posting = :ghey:

Finding 2-3 different permutations of how to ask this question is not the way to do it....
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