b18b or b18c5 on a del sol?

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im considering of doing a swap on my del sol's d16. most of these topics i see people swapping in the b18b in their sols, why not the b18c5? also i was wonderin the price range around for both engine swaps..? ;)


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b18b is typically around 1000-1500 bucks

b18c5 is 4000-4500 usually'

It really depends on how much money you have...a built up n/a b18c5 would be sweet...but then again the ls/t owns.

I say get a ls, turbo it, and run circles around those who have b18c5's :)


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It all depends on what you want to do with the car and how much you want to spend.

Christian Grundy

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A heavier (considerably heavier than the stock engine) engine will affect your sol's hability to do nice cornering (wich is one of the best things in a sol). The extra weight is located beyond the axis, that's why it's non desirable.

On the other hand, heavier (larger) engines usually give you more power.

If you want to do 1/4 mile trials or that kind of things, go for the large engine.

But if you want to make high speed turn, go for the light weight engines, and increase the performace with other mods.


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weight isnt an issue with B series engines ... if he was talking about putting an H series engine in there than this would be an issue


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what the fuck are you talking about? what are you trying to compare? lighter engine means what... d15??? heavy being a b18??? you are very confusing.