b18b??? outa 2nd gen teggy

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Ok guys...I tryed searching and no luck...I need some help on this one...Im gettin kinda cheap untill next year but I need some b series power!!!!!!!! I was thinking a 2nd gen teggy motor but the harness is way different as i remember...What can I use to make this all work out?? Or would I be better off getting like a 94+ ls teggy motor?? Where can I get one dirt cheap???? PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME OUT!!!!

Thanks...hondaswap is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
b18b didnt come from the 90-93 integra. get ab18a1 from a 92-93 or a b18b1 from a 94-95 and use your stock harness, which is what you should do you'll be be ok.

dont cut corners, you'll pay in the end.
i swapped a jdm b18b into my 92 dx hatch.i used my buddies 94 usdm ls tranny and his usdm ecu. all i needed was the b18b REAR motor mount (bought it from local honda performance shop for $60),b18b shift linkage,and 94+ integra axles
You can use your Stock Main Lef/Right Mounts. You need a newer interga rear mount, and front mount.


I would suggest a b16, gsr, or type r tranny, an LS tranny has long as gears=slow ;) trust me
Originally posted by b18_4door@Sep 6 2005, 11:24 PM
I would suggest a b16, gsr, or type r tranny, an LS tranny has long as gears=slow ;) trust me
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with gas as expensive as it is, who cares
ok...seams like i got the idea of what i need....but how bout the engine harness??? Which one? Arent the injectors different?? And the ecu thats different too...some input would be aweseome!!!


harness: use your stock harness, modified.
ECU: use an LS ecu from your year
injectors, retain your injectors. unless you want to have to rewire things.
use what ever motor harness you get with the motor obd2 or 1 it plugs in to you stock shock tower harness and then an obd1 ls ecu. 94+ mounts and axles as stated.