B18B rebuild. What pistons and rings?

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Well, as you all know my 97 teggy is busy eating itself alive. I am considering rebuilding the motor instead of swapping it out, as I initally thought. I'm thinking of putting domed pistons in.. I will not be going turbo with this vehicle, as it is a daily driver.. I would like a little extra power, though. I figure domed pistons is the way to get it. I've heard that total-seal rings are the way to go..

So, what pistons and rings would you reccomend?

I'm planning on using the stock rods.. but not certain. Open to suggestions..

so suggest away! Good/bad experiences with companies / setups.. etc.
Looking on ebay, I've found that the Nippon Racing CTR pistons can be had pretty cheap.. (215 for pistons, wrist pins, and rings)

Any thoughts on this? **ALSO, should I go for .020 or .030 overbore? I assume .030 would be where its at, for that extra little bit of displacement.
the ctr pistons might be over kill for a daily...but thats my opinion ....
.020 over is what i have and i would not bore out anymore....

the p30s' are also a good choice
Sooo.. These are the critters I need to buy??

Ebay auction

Also, with the domed piston, will I have any problems going LS/Vtec? I would assume not, but do need to know.. I am considering that for the future.
well thats why i went with pr3 in my lsv....

the stock cams wont put you at risk with the ctrs' but if you buy after market cams you will need to clay the engine...and even then you wont be able to adjust the cam gears that much...i say go with the pr3 or p30.....m2c

BTW ive bought stuff from them on ebay and had no problems......
Thanks for your info..

Anyone else? Not that I don't trust formby here, but I would like a few different opinions.. As it is, I'll probably buy the Nippon JDM CTR pistons and rings.. Still considering a .030 overbore.. Looking into that a little further.

Anyone had any good/bad experiences with nippon equipment? Any other info is greatly appreciated.

Originally posted by phyregod@Aug 24 2005, 04:53 PM
Now considering a set of OEM P73s.. ITR pistons.. or OEM CTRs.. Would either require machining on the LS rods?
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yea. all the GSR and Type-R(B18C*/B16B) motors have the skinny BE's, while the LS still has the wide one.
Originally posted by b18_4door@Sep 6 2005, 11:32 PM
Stock pr3 OEM rings, pr3 pistons, some new rod bolts, headbolts
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Fuck that, use the ITR's. and stick with OEM rings. ARP rod bolts and head studs.