b18b rods?


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i just picked up a b18b and i was wondering what rods i should get? i was looking at the eagle rods but im not sure which woul be best for boosting...H beams? and should i get them at stock length?

now the other question- i just finished swapping a b18b1 into my crx and the motor i got today has b18b printed on it not b18b1 so can anybody tell me why the new motor doesnt have the 1 at the end like my old motor? thnx for all your help i appreciate it a lot. peace -mike
no 1 on the end = JDM

get stock length rods unless you are doing a custom stroke crank or custom wrist pin height pistons.

best for Boosting = Pauter. :)

but the egales will most likely be fine for your setup.


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pissedoffsol- where can i find these "pauter" rods?

and my other question for everybody is what pistons are recommended for boosting my b18? please get back to me asap thnx -mike