B18b Swap Info??

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Anybody know where I can get some info on a LS Integra Motor into a EG Hatch??? In terms of wiring and maybe even more info.

its very straight forward, you'll need the essentials...

b series longblock (b18b)

LS/GS/RS ECU (p75...right?...have to check my notes)

b-series transmission (refer to my article on transmissions to see which one is best for each application)

b-series shift linkage from acura integra

b-series axles from acura integra or del sol vtec

b-series engine mounts from acura integra, del sol vtec

wiring is very straight forward, just plug and play...you don't need vtec.

the only complications you could run into are OBD 1 and OBD2 issues, IE if the motor is 96 and newer you will need to find an OBD2 to obd1 wiring conversion harness...

or you can switch distributors, ecu's..etc...and make everything obd1.

give us more details on the motor...what car its out of, what you have and what you don't.
if you get a 94 or 95 ls/gs/rs/se b18b1, it will plug directly in, bolt directly in. it's probably the easiest swap.
and yes chet it is a p75