B18B swap questions

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Kyle Schroeder

Junior Member
Need some help!
What will I need to get to swap a 98 honda civic dx d16 motor with a 95 acura integra ls b16b motor? My problem is that I am going from OBD1 to OBD2?
1st you should check on the legal issues of this swap.... often it is illegal to swap an engine that is older than the vehicle is... aside from that you are in for a wiring nightmare.... the B18 has an OBD-1 harness that plugs in at the shock tower... your car has an OBD-2 harness that plugs in at the ECU.... so your choices are: replace the whole harness throughout the car with an OBD-1 harness and use the one for the engine.... or use the DX harness you have, get an OBD-1 to OBD-2 harness converter so you can use the B18's ECU, run wires for VTEC etc, and swap all the plugs on your OBD-2 DX harness with the OBD-1 plugs that the engine has.....
personally id just get an OBD-2 engine then you could use your DX harness w/ a harness converter, run a few wires and be done with it