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OK heres my question. Im either going to get a 5th gen hatch, and do a ls/v tec swap, or find a 2nd gen integra(b18a or B). I plan on turboing which every one i get. Wat i was wondering, would either of these cars run 13's if i do wat i said im going to do. And which car is better for street racing. thanks
Well, for starters dont get a teg, even if u are going to turbo it its not that great. if u have the money to do an ls vtec in a hatch, then turbo the LS and it will easily be the fastest choice. turboing a integra will run about 1 to 1.5 seconds slower than a hatch with the same mods, LS/vtec is a good choice to but it is hard and pretty $$$, for the price get the LS hatch and turbo it.
the LS/VTEC is only a good choice as far as price goes if you already have the LS engine... buying an LS engine then converting it for VTEC will cost you more than a GSR swap would