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integra dude

Junior Member
i have an integra with a stock b18b and i am planning on putting a jackson racing supercharger on it. can i put nos on it if it is superchargered? and i was also planning on putting one of those venom 400 racing chips on it but can i do that with the nos? any thing will help thanks.


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have you considered turbo? its better then SC for high HP applications. I'm shure Nitrous could be used with a SC, but you'd better build the internals if you want your eninge to last. Nitrous is for drag racing, not daily driving.

integra dude

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are turbos better than superchargers? do superchargers give you more horsepower or are they just cheaper. and what internals would suggest changing?


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well I wouldn't say one is better then the other, it depends on what you want. Superchargers generally dont give more HP then turbos, usually Turbos give more HP. I belive Superchargers are easier to install (but dont quote me on that)


Run off a belt
Use up some engine power to make power
Give virtually instant throttle response (no lag)
harder to increase boost(HP)
Require less engine tunning
good for daily driving


Run off exhuast
dont always repond instantly at low RPM, TURBO LAG (larger turbos have more lag then smaller ones)
Easier to increase boost (more HP) B)
require more engine tunning
(sound better IMO especially with a BOV :D )
good for daily driving & drag racing (depending on kit used)

Most mild TC and SC kits dont require building internals, however if you start to increase your boost beyond that i.e. If you want mad power and you want your eninge to last then before you start increasing Boost pressure to insane levels I would suggest:

Forged pistons and rods are a good place to start(lower compression ones will be better)
Metal head gasket
(Block sleeves - only if you really want to get crazy)
Front mounted intercooler
Oil cooler

I think TODA makes forged internals for boosted B series as part of there stroker kits
Crower and Eagle both make good parts as well

thats all I can think of for now, other people here probably know more then I do on this subject so also try searching around a bit in the FI forum.

Peace B)

integra dude

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do they make intercoolers for supercharger??? i thought they did because this one magazine i have says they do but i have never found one for sell


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I think you can buy a FMIC (front mout intercooler) sepparately. Check out Greddy's website. I dont think you really need one for a SC b/c SC's only run about 5-6 PSI, although it never hurts to get one :spin:

The more boost pressure you run the more you heat up the incoming air which = DETONATION :( , this will kill your engine very quickly. Intercoolers cool down the incoming air which reduces the risk of detonation. Engine tunning is also very important, but this is more of an issue with Turbo's, but if your curious look into Hondata, they make good shit.