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Hi, I have a pretty high mileage (111k) stock integra with LS engine. I want to build the engine to get it ready for turbo later on. I know a mechanic that will help me out during this. What things should I tell him to do. He is tearing the block apart anywais so what parts should i tell him to replace? Also too what should I have done to the block, ie: sleeve,bore, ect.? I plan on going with a drag turbo kit for my car. Can you guys please tell me what to get put in, what to have done, and please be specific with the brands. thanks a lot..
111k high milealge? naw man- its just broken in :p

a basic drag kit doesn't warrant bottom end work. but if you want to do pistons and rods, you can.

basically, tune it, and you will be fine
i have a chance to get an LS motor (95') for about 540 dollars but the only downside is that it has 187k miles on it soo ummm is that "worn in" or worn out?
Well since the block is gonna be apart, I'd like to change some internals and have things done so it could be good as new and last me alot longer. You guys reccomend anything that should be done to the block? I would eventually go turbo in the near future and this will lso be my daily driver. So i need a fast reliable car. thanks