b18b1 integra all motor "mild" build

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I was motivated by my recent drag strip visit to try and get mo' power out of my car... and while doing some research...i came to find that i dont have to succumb to the vtec gods just yet!! i already have the b18b out of my last integra as a spare. it's complete, and already has arp head studs in it. it has about 190,000 miles on it, and i also have in my possession a set or pr3 pistons.. (got in a trade a while back)..

so ive read that i can put the pr3's on my ls rods (i know, and add arp rod bolts) and that should put my comp ratio at about 11.39-1. toss a fresh set of piston rings and rod bearings on it, along with a main stud bolt set (arp), get the engine honed. i just got a creaming deal on a set of crower 403 cams, with dual valve springs and retainers, a 4 bolt adjustable set of cam gears, and the ported head that everything was installed in. with this setup, i have a decently potent engine!! right?

i know that i could probably make more power with a vtec head... but i have this engine sitting here... and i like to go against the grain a little, and not just go the typical vtec route. i havent seen this done before (in person) how reliable will this thing be? i dont plan on revving it past 8000 rpms. and how streetable will it be? i already have a 4-2-1 header, and a full 2 1/2 inch exhaust with a test pipe (no cat). i will be on the market for either a used skunk2 intake manifold, or edelbrock victor intake, or something close to that, coupled with an oversized throttle body 68-70mm...

my main concern is when i finally run this thing, what version of hondata should i go with? s100? s200? s300? is there a cheaper alternative? is there anyone out there that has something like this on a daily driver? what kind of longevity can i expect with this setup?if i can get 150-160hp to the wheels ill be happy, considering that the original power output for the b18b is about 140hp... thoughts???? concerns? comments???
so what ive never dealt with before is the undertaking of the engine management.... what to go with? whats the best bang for the buck? demon? neptune? hondata? chrome?
i dont want super heavy duty stuff here...just want for whoever is going to dyno tune this thing to be able to do just that, and i want reliability... i know it doesnt actually exist in the world of motorsports... but i would like something cheap and reliable... what do you guys recommend?
im not going to try and rev this new setup to 9k rpms, i would like to keep it as RELIABLE as possible...will i need bigger injectors? will i need a bigger fuel pump?