B18b1 Into 2000 Civic Dx Hatch

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Hey Guys/Gals (if there are any on this board),
I need a check list(with prices if you know them) of what I need to swap a b18b1 into my hatch. I plan to turbo charge it later thats why I picked the b1 over the c1 because the b1 has lower compression. I want to keep my AC and power steering so I know ill need mounts for thoes . so any help thanks! :spin:
There are females here (sometimes :lol: )
The B18C1 would still be a better choice,since till you can turbo it will provide good power,and it boost nicely.Parts list would be the same as any other B series swap.It is a straight up bolt in (using the B series mounts,axles,shiftlinkage and ecu),you need to run the vtec.