B18b1 Into 93 Hatch Si

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I just bought a b18b1 for my 93 hb si since my family owns a shop and I work in it im doing labor my self but unfortunatley ive never done an import swap before. I need to know what else is needed for this swap I have a 96 motor and a 98 tranny. Someone told me it was possible to use the same wiring warness in my si on the b18b is this possible??? if anyone could post on what else I need for this swap It would be much appreciated thanks.
Both your engine and tranny should mate up well...but theres a couple problems with your setup from the get go.

1) Since your engine is from a 96 that means it is an OBD2 engine, your car is OBD1. You will need to modify the wiring harness and other wires or buy a obd2 to OBD1 conversion kit. Check the web for one and some guides to working with the wiring harness to make it into an OBD2 compatible thing...LOL. You got the wiring harness for the LS right???

2) What parts do you have??? I can't tell you much about what you need if all you post is :Engine, tranny... I can't help if you don't list everything you have.

Post all the parts you currently have, I can help you out better if you tell me.
They gave me the complete engine with the harness on it but cut. the tranny with just a throw out bearing left. other than that its just a complete motor I was going to go down to the junkyard today and buy an ecu and complete harness from a 94+ integra I bought axless already..
Also if I get a 96 harness and ecu why would I have to modify the wiring?
you dont need the 96 harness. if you get a 94 or 95 ecu and you use your old harness everything should plug in, except your vtec stuff. and you might need to lengthen some wires. thats it. it should be pretty easy.
Are you pretty positive the harness on my honda now will work with the LS motor ??? Im gonna take the motor out of my honda tonight after work. Also will the flywheel and clutch off my motor work on the LS???
Also this maybe a repeated question in a different form but what off my d16 will bolt to the LS ??