B18b1 problems, all out of ideas.... and money!

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i have a 91 civic dx hatch with a 94 integra LS engine (b18b1) and 95 LS ECU and its been giving me idle problems, it revs high when its cold, but when its warm and im driving around it will idle low around 500 and jump to 1000 slowly and on occasion it will stall at a light or just when i have the clutch in, but i can start it up again just fine. i have changed the iacv and cleaned the fast idle thermo valve, also has new plugs, wires, distrib cap and rotor, fuel filter, oil change.
when it starts giving me problems, it will have low power unless i floor it then it accelorates fast and fine, but at normal calm driving it has trouble (misfiring? low fuel pressure?)
once again, this only happens when car is warm.
could it be timing? distributor? injectors? or fuel pump?

also the check engine light does NOT come on, but i get a code 20 (electrical load detector) when i check for cel codes.
Did you check your ignition timing? Could be a place to start.

Is your fuel pressure good? Might be worthwhile to check that as well.

Just a few suggestions.
also check for pesky vacuum leak, one thing I ALWAYS check with ldle issues. also check grounds, and if a tune-up hasn't been done do that too. also when the car is warmed up adjust the idle to the correct RPM.
man i hope you dont have the same problem i did... thrush washer came out somehow and the crank was walking around, hence when you would pull the clutch in it would wobble and kill immediately, take a pry bar and ever so gently see iff you can get the crank to move side to side at all... if its like 5-7mm your SOL...
it all started when i disconnected the ground wire on my air fuel ratio gauge, if it idles crappy i connect it and it idles a little better.
i would try adding ground all over, from chassis, to engine, engine to motor motor mount motor mount to fire wall fire wall to a non electrical alternator bolt, and then back to chassis. also use starlock washers to make sure you have good connection.
had a similar problem on my vehicle, added grounds saved the day yay :-D
good luck