B18b1 Swap Questions

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Junior Member
hey everyone, can anyone inform me of what i need to convert to obd1 with a 98 b18b1 ls engine that i'm swapping into my 93 civic dx. can i use the obd2 distributor and ecu or do i have to convert them to obd1? what else? i have the 98 teg ls axles too... can i use those in my 93 civic? also can anyone tell me of a good place where i can buy a s80 or y80 tranny? or any tranny that will work with my new engine for cheap? i need the tranny to be under $500 pref. under 300. Anyone? if anyone can help that is great. thanks
now i remember... :) .... i prolly have to convert my injectors to obd1 too right? if so, how easy is it to do myself or how much will it cost to have done at a shop. and can i use my stock 93 civic injectors? (doubt it) thx again