b18b1 with b18a1

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90-93 still doesn't narrow it down. need to know if its 90-91 or 92-93. if its 90-91 then you'll have to use your a1 dizzy on the b1, and swap out the obd1 injectors for the obd0 ones on the a1. if your car is a 92-93 then you can leave all the components as they are on the b1.
not the year of the b18b, the year of your car that you want to put the b1 into is what you need to figure out. if the b1 is 94-95 then its obd1, if its 96+ its obd2. if it is obd2 you will notice extra evap equipment on the intake manifold, and a crankshaft fluctuation sensor located just above the crank. if the b1 is an obd2 engine you will need to downgrade to either obd1 or 0 depending on what year your car is.
oh its a 90 crx dx i think ,but it was already swapped so yeh
ok let me say this if my motor is hydrolocked should it still turn over with the plugs taken out

yea, and water should come shooting out. unless you like severely broke something to the point that the crank can't even rotate anymore.

and let me get this straight. are you tryin to say you have a b18a1 harness in your crx? i'm lost. or maybe you think that its a b18a1 harness because thats whats in there. i suppose that might make sense. basically somebody converted your stock harness to mpfi and then hooked it up the b18. so basically you need to figure out whether you're running obd0 electronics or obd1. if the ecu has a clear window in the center for the flashing cel led, then its obd0. if there is no window in the ecu, then its obd1.
If the motor is hydrolocked Im willing to bet that it bent some valves.
ok well there is a window but i dont know what harness was used i just know its a b18a in it

ok well then all they did was convert the dx harness to mpfi and then hook it up to the b18. since you have an obd0 ecu you'll want to move the old injectors and distributor over to your b18b.