b18c into ek mount question

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so i'm looking to swap a jdm b18c into my 98 ex 5spd.

this whole "which mount to buy" is bugging me (i'm sure it's easy, i'm overthinking maybe??)

based from this link: https://hondaswap.com/swap-articles/6th-gen-civic-basic-swap-overview-29118/

i only need to buy two additional mounts? the rear tranny mount and drivers side mount? i can't figure out which mounts to actually purchase from this:
Honda Automotive Parts

i would just re use the other mounts? please explain further in depth if you can, and i'm not trying to buy hasport/innovative mounts if i can use oem.


you need the tranny mount (whole thing)
the driver's side upper mount
and the rear t-bracket

so, youll need the following:
1 #7
1 #6
and i think 1 #4, but i cant honestly tell from the picture. you need the upper portion that goes from the mount on the engine to the top of the rubber on the chassis, but i think you have to buy the whole damn thing judging from that picture.

and yes, youll re-use the other mounts provided they are in good condition.


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Stock mount will fit tranny mount, tripod mount on driver side should be the same, the rear mount from a 99 si. Hope it helps.


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