B18C swap in 91 crx Si, lots of questions


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OK, I might be getting a 90 or 91 CRX Si and dropping the B18C motor+LSD tranny from hmotors. Now I have many questions so I know what parts I need for the swap.
planning on using P72 ecu
1. What throttle cable? (i've heard with Si model I dont need to change the cable?)
2. Can I use the distributor which comes with the motor? it's gonna be obd1 right?
3. Which axles? (hmotors sells a complete swap which comes with axles, will those work?)
What about the shift linkage? I've heard something from hasport shift linkage kit from hydraulic to cable car?
4. Whats involved in the wiring? I've heard that we need to repin/add some connections. What needs to be added/changed? couldn't find any info on this.

I tried to find a FAQ but I didnt find it for everything I was looking for. Just trying to get some kind of list going. Thanks for all you help guys. I might be getting this setup if my 99 prelude SH doesn't get fixed. It has some kinda electricical problem(i'm guessing ground short). Dealer has the car since monday and they still cant find it. Hopefully the CRX will be as good handling car as my lude. we'll see...


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:D Good choise here is the deal you can get a conversion wiring harness from vtecfrog.com I have e-mailed them about the same thing it comes with the ECU conversion and a subharness and directions for both you will need a OBD-1 distributor a 4-wire oxygen sensor and wire the secondary butterflies everything else is included if you can afford swap axles make sure you call and tell them which mounts you are using and for the tranny use a hydro to cable conversion kit from hasport (there may be other people who make this) if you have any other questions PM me