b18c type r 98+ into EG6 hatch

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please do not tell me to search, because i did and could only find like 3 things and none of them really answered anything i wanted to know. if there is already a thread, please just link it to this post. i think this is my first post on this site, but i know quite a bit about honda's, not your average noob.

anyway, what i am gonna do is a b18c jdm type r 98+ swap into an eg 92-95 hatch. what im wondering is, what is a complete list of what i would need. so far what i found out i would need is:

-engine, axles, tranny, hald\f shaft, wires, ecu, starter, distributor, clutch, exhaust manifold, etc... complete swap
-chipped ecu from phearable.net with the b18c map/program on it (crome/hondata ready, i would use crome)
-integra type r throttle cable
-hasport mount kit part no. #egstk 70a urethane
-i would buy a new koyo or fluidyne radiator
-AEM intake
-wiring (for obd2 engine to obd1 car) i heard vtec 94-01 integra harness works.
-shift linkage
-various nuts and bolts, etc
-rest of exhaust (header back)
-id put on a new oil pump too just to be safe.

is there anything I'm missing for a truly complete swap?? is anything i said incorrect or wrong? any help greatly appreciated