b18c with b16a head

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New Member
i wanna do a swap in my eg9
jdm b18c block - b16b pistons
jdm b16a head with stage 2 skunk2 cams , skunk2 gears ,skunk2 springs and retainers
skunk2 manifol
aftermarket throttle body 68m
330cc injectors
header and middel pipe 2,5" and muffler
crome tunning
b16a tranny
stage 2 clutch kit
super light weight flywheel
what do you think guys is it right to put a b18c jdm gsr block with b16b pistons or a jdm b16a block with wiesco pistons 11.5:1 cr
and how many hp could the car reach ?over or under 200 whp