B18c won't start hot, will push start OK

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I have about 3k on my rebuild, everything else is ok. The engine will not fire after the engine is at normal temp. If you have to make several stops, after the 2nd stop it will crank fine, but will not run. It can be push started VERY easy! What is by-passed when push starting rather than cranking? I think the master relay is ???:(


master relay, you mean main relay? if ur main relay is shot and its hot outside, car won't start. but when cool outside it will. what is the temp where you live?
by normal temp you mean when the car is warmed up?


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sounds like a bad starter

push starting gets the motor turning like the starter would, if your relay was bad it wouldn't start even pushing

try tapping(good hard taps) on the starter while someone cranks, see if it fires up, if it does pull and test/replace as needed.


if you can push start, is prob batt or starter. think of starter as a circle. sometimes it slowly goes bad. so at first 360 degrees is good, then it could be 300 degrees, etc. so if you tsmack it the starter will move and hopefully hit a good patch. or sometimes if you try to start 4-5 times it will hit one of those times.