B18C1 Block F/S

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So who wants it? Make me an offer

The block is weathered it sat in someones crappy excuse of a garage. I think its only good for the pistons, and one or two things. It most likely needs to be re sleeved, theres not just a little surface rust on that piston walls.

Whats on the block:
Pistons, rods, crank, stuff to hold crank. idk.

I'm going to pick it up today. and get some pics of it. Some one let me know if they want this damn thing or I'm going to scrap it for money. Either way, I win.
anything you want, let me know we'll work out a price and I'll uninstall the part you want or whatever. Im willing for money, trade, or whatever.

Bump with pic's






What kind of dumbass would do that to a gsr block? Some ppl are just dumb. Id take what i could get for that. GLWTS
some one let it sit in a shed for over 2 years. no cover on it or anything. im going to give people the chance to get a part that most dont sell off a block, if no one wants it. then imma scrap it for money
Zip is 33440 here. See what you can find on shipping.
I have no accessories, what you see is what you get, I'll take 250 but you'll have to look into shipping.
I would highly suggest either resleeve, or bore it 10 or 20 over.