B18C1 into 90 DX hatch harness issue..

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New Member
Hi, I have a 90 dx hatch the previously had a ZC non-vtec in it when i bought it, threw a rod and decided to swap a b18c1 w/vtec from a 98 teg gsr in it. I bought all the mounting hardware and hydro to cable clutch adapter kits from hasport. the new motor has no dizzy however and i also am going to use an obd1 ecu as well. i was wondering what the best course of action would be for finishing this up as far as the harness and dizzy are concerned. i have both the zc and b18 harnesses btw. Appreciate your input.


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you need to use the stock harness that came in the car and convert it to mpfi if you haven't already. for the dizzy the easiest route would be to use an obd1 b-series diz.