B18C1 Mild build questions...

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So basically I recently purchased a 96 GSR, 77k mi, pristine condition, type R conversion, yadayadayada...

Anyway, I've been doing all the maintanance, cleaning everything up, and in all honesty the car is in great shape. Just changed the oil and trans fluid, she runs like a dream. Next some magnecor/NGK wires and plugs are going in, and I have a DC rear lower strut for a civic that i need to trade for one that fits on my car.

I was talking to a buddy of mine who is pretty reputable when it comes to honda (had a backyard build 10 second CRX, lsvtec turbo) and he was telling me with minimal parts, and a good tune, my 96 GSR could be flirting with 300 hp, and dip easily into the 12's. For a daily driver, if this car hit the 12's I wouldn't put another penny in, except to maintain it.

What he listed was:
Intake Manifold(Skunk2, Venom, or a copy type)
Crome, Neptune (a good Jeff Evans tune)
Maybe a little bit bigger injectors
Sticky clutch

The skunk2 price isn't bad, ebay on that. But I need some advice/help elsewhere. I have read alot, and the SMSp header seems to be everyone's "weapon of choice" but that BNIB price is crazy, and I'm not on a "budget" per se, but 700-1000 dollars for a header...whoa...the hytech/Tri-Y/TypeR copy headers can't flow enough? I'm looking for some feedback here...

As for the intake mani, do the ebay copies work or...? I was a part of the dsm world, and had an almost 400 hp dsm, with a LOT of ebay parts, and didn't have any problem. Alot of those guys just liked the name to have it, but my ebay type S bov, ebay piping, and ebay turbo(after i took it apart, inspected the flapper and made sure it was right) made 382 horse @ 88% IDC.

are these ebay copies really that bad in the honda world, I mean I don't see too many guys on here talkin about megan racing, or cx racing, or anything like that, where as, on my dsm, anything that wasn't a moving part could be ebayed. I mean 2.5 inch intercooler piping is the same, from greddy or from timmy on the corner as long as it's bent correctly. just trying to get some feedback because i want this integra to be clean, and quick, and built CORRECT.

thanks guys.
now I am no where near as knowledgable as some other members on here. But you will forgive me for saying that I dont think you will be anywahere near 300 with those mods. Are you talking WHP? or to the crank?


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i dont see u even coming close too 300... if u go boost than u will hit that but not even close with those mods sorry


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i barely see that hitting 200 whp w/ those mods... arent gonna gain much without a good set of cams


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300whp on a n/a honda lol...thats gonna take custom cams extremely high compression all supporting mods and a badass tune at least