b18c1 swap help

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Junior Member
i have a 99 civic cx hb and i bought b18c1 and had it installed last week. rage performance modified my cx harness to fit my gsr motor but didn't convert the ecu connector to match the gsr ecu instead they told me to use the si ecu. will the 99 si ecu work on my gsr? please help
99 means u have obd2b ecu & harness so ur stuck with it .p2t 99 si ecu
will work but no 2nd intake runner & fuel map different.
p72 from 99 -01 gsr ecu or adapter for obd2.
i already installed the 99 si ecu but my engine still won't start. the engine is getting some gas and the flow of electiricity to the spark plugs are ok. what did i do wrong?