b18c1 swap help.

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hey guys i have 93' civic si and i want to do gsr swap. i've read at websites that i need axels and mounts and other stuff. but on other sites i've read that its a complete bolt on swap. thats why i'm confused at the moment. so can anyone tell me the exact requirements do this swap? thanks.


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pretty much if you have all the parts needed, then its a complete bolt in swap...if you buy the complete gsr motor (head,block, tranny, wire harness, ecu, axles, linkage, etc..) then its a drop and go...if the motor came with the stock mounts then you can either use those or buy aftermarket like hasport, avid etc...just search around there are TONS of info on gsr swaps


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Thanks a lot that really clears things up for real. I tried searching google but I seem like I couldn't find any helpful sites. Most of them were about people who had already done a swap or the site wasn't clear on what they were saying. Not to be too much trouble but since we're on the swap topic already, can anyone tell me the requirements to do a b16a swap into a 89-91' crx(one of my buddies has a crx and the engine is just about dead)? Will that be a complete bolt on swap since the JDM crx came with that engine? And what if the car isn't Vtec, is the swap still possible?


if his car isnt vtec then you need the ecu from the vtec motoe, then you also have to wire in the vtec and what not


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I am in the same situation. I am still searching. anyone with a good link? any help is apreciated. thanks