B18c5 Into 94 Civic Ex

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I just recently purchase a 99 Integra Type R wrecked in the rear for cheap and I'm planning to swap the motor into my 94 Civic EX. I was wondering what parts can I switch over from the Type R to the Civic and what other parts I need to get the motor running in my car? :huh:


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I not Positive but I'm pretty sure u can't use the engine and if u can it will be a bitch to install. The engine is OBD2 and your Car is OBD1. So if u can't use it u got 0wn3d


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i have an ITR engine in my 93 .... you just need to change a few plugs on your harness
its cake
dont be skured :)
almost everything on that type-r will change over
motor, suspension, front seat ect. the swap is cake just need to change injectors and distributor to obd1 as well as use a obd1 ecu . if you need somebody to install please feel free to contact my shop 909-373-RACE