B18c5 Swap

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hey i have a b18c5 in my del sol the only problem is its not running right. when vtec kicks in it seems to stall or something resulting in no power. well i had the p73 ecu but i sold it because people said it would be better if i got my ecu chipped since it wont fit anyway. well i bought a obd1 p72 ecu and thought i would do for now, but it still doesnt work. what do i need to do to make this thing run properly. i spoke to a guy and he said to buy a vtec spool and an oil pressure sensor for a 94-95 gsr but i want to do more research. let me know if u guys can think of anything thanks


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i have no idea what a "vtec spool" is.

secondly, your wiring isn't right. i'm assuming you have a check engine light. check the code, and then tell us which one you have.


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yes i am thats why i am using the del sol ecu well the thing is i cant find the code where is the led i cant find it.


i believe there is an LED light on the ECU itself that blinks out the code for ya. i may be wrong tho


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I'm not absolutly positive, but I think that the LED is under the carpeting on the passenger side, up towards the front.


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hey bro why dont u buy a ecu and install it. itwill save u alot of trouble. and besides alot more horesepower. he he. :D yeah :lol:


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there is no LED on OBDI cars, click the link i posted earlier, it tells you how to get the code, you have to jump the service connector of the ecu, turn the ignition on, then your check engine light on your dash will give you the code in a series of flashes.