b20/b18 ls??

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hey im sure someone has already asked this so im sorry, i scaned around a bit to see if i could find it but i didnt see it but eh well anyways, im going to be putting together an ls swap for my 96 civic ex just wondering what would be my best bet . still pretty new to this ls concept i know that if you dont know what your doing part for part it will end up worse than it began, basicly im just looking for somthing that can handle a somewhat decent amount of boost in the end, right now i live in orlando so emisions arent a problem here because there are none so if anyone could help me out that would be great. thank ya and sorry if this is a repost


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What's up man, welcome to Hondaswap. :wave:

I would replace the internals on your D16 and boost the shit out of it. Why spend the money on a B series swap and not go all the way? If you aren't going to swap in a GSR, LS/VTEC, or B20/Vtec, then fuck it. In order to handle anything more than @ 10 psi you would need to rip apart the LS motor and and fuel system. You might as well save the money you would spend on B series motor, tranny, ecu, axles, etc, and spend it on your D series.

Sleeve that fucker, bore it out, drop in some forged slugs and shoot 30 psi through it. :D Can you say 400 hp D series?


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People don't give D series much credit, but they are actually a great platform to build on. Not to mention that the parts are much cheaper. :ph34r:


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well i have the option to get a b20 block for cheap and a b18gsr head for like 200$ right now and i planned on building it over time im a student at UTI, and i wanted to use it through the year as we did our import classes. but i was jsut wondering like you said ya i know the d series can be a hell of a platform to work with my friend has his crx boosted with one and its quick , what do you feel would be better off in the end i mean im not going to be a fool and say money isnt an issue but it is going to be over time not like an overnight build


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pluss i can get the forging done and have it bored over at a shop that works with my school (Rev Masters) in orlando and they do awesome work and are willing to help me with what i need free of charge since i will be there working with them and technicaly im a student of one of theyre techs during the week


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There is a little more to it than just slapping a VTEC head onto a ls/b20 block.

You will also need -

head bolts/studs
oil pump from vtec motor
water pump from vtec motor
timing belt from same
some sort of tuning device

That is a lot of time/money spent needlessly IMO. B series are great for all motor and obviously they make more power in the long run, but for what you would spend just getting a stock B series in your engine bay, you could have a BUILT D series. And 500 wheel hp is not out of the question on a fully prepared and built D series. Not to mention you get to tell people you just smoked 'em with a single cam. :D


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Originally posted by sohcslammer@Jun 2 2005, 09:11 PM
you could have a BUILT D series. And 500 wheel hp is not out of the question on a fully prepared and built D series. Not to mention you get to tell people you just smoked 'em with a single cam. :D
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Yea, then they drive by watching you pick your L3 up off the ground in a thousand pieces :(


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Originally posted by 92b16vx@Jun 3 2005, 03:35 AM
Also the code for D series trannies :)
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I know that. :p But what's cooler than a 500 hp D series with a 6 speed? (Upon 2nd thought, I guess the RSX tranny might be a better choice :lol: )


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alright well now you have got me thinking bout the whole minime thing so alright, whats the tranny situation here then? i have rev master forge me some new rods and rings and internals , is there any spectacular turbo system you would put of any others cause if not i was just going to pick and pull them from my selection at school. sounds dumb but surprisingly they do have allot there on hand. but either way im up to sugestions.


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Yeah, well, once you have a sleeved block with some nice 8.5-9.5:1 forged pistons in there, mated up to some nice h-beam rods, and checked all your clearances, then you would want to assemble the block with all ARP or AEBS studs, size out a turbo, (I'm not the one to ask about turbos, try the forced induction forum), find an intercooler, wastegate, bov or dv, piping, fmu, injectors, fuel rail, fuel pump, fpr, and hopefully some sort of engine manegment ie. hondata, aem, uberdata, etc...

BTW - forget the whole mini-me thing, it's pointless when going turbo.

:thumbsup: good luck!


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alright got ya , but back to my last question how about tranny i planned on swaping mine out anyways its the stock one and its seen better days being im originaly from ny i was thinking about the si tranny but the ratio's are closer i mean thats good and bad cause it can cause wheel spin(too much atleast) whats your opinion honestly?


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ok slicks for tires? but what bout tranny i need to replace mine anyways. so what do you think would be the best option or just swap stock back in??


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I dopn't know the code for d series transes.

But whatever came from an ex or si. They're kinda weak, 400 hp is defenitly pushing it with a d series trans.

no you can't mate an rsx trans to a D, the spin the opposite direction. Actually you only can use Honda D series transes with Honda D series engines. It's possible to use others but it's really not worth the work.

Buy my turbo..:) plenty capable of 350 hp and freshly rebuilt.

I don't know how much power you're looking to put down, but a t3 60/63 would be nice to have also and capable of 400+ hp no problem.

How much are you going to spend?


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how much you looking to sell it for? and money really isnt an issue its not like its an over night project , id rather spend the extra cash on the best parts i can and have it take a few months to do it and get them to get it done then do it cobed and buy shity parts all in one week