b20 complete engine for sale

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i have a b20b out of a 1997 crv the motor has around 100 000 so its ready to be built up i was goin to build an b20 vtec but decided not to because my si is to nice to be yanking the motor out of i have 400 in the motor and would like to atleast make what i got in it im up for trades but it depends on what it is well let me know if ur interested
i live in spring lake nc its like around fayetteville and fort bragg and stuff ill try to get some pics for you all i plan on putting it on ebay but if i dont have to then i wont
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@Aug 28 2005, 12:32 PM
location??  pics??
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Is that an interest in another b20/vtec? For the new hatch?
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well of course.....the b16 in my hatch now just doesn't have any torque
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Haha, i hear you man, i thought about doing something like that in my crx, but i dont have the knowledge or money to build up a block.
I might just look for a b18c block just stock internals.