B20 Compression

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Senior Member
I am sending my b20 block off to get sleeved soon, and I would like to know if anybody runs a 12.5:1 CR in their motors. If you do, what kind of upkeep/maintainence if required for this high of a CR? I already have a Hondata, so tuning is covered. What kind of power could I make out of this setup: sleeved b20, 12.5:1 CR, CTR cams, skunk2 valvetrain, eagle rods, light flywheel, 99 Si tranny, head that was port matched to the stock intake manifold and had the ridges before the valve seats removed and the entire thing mildly polished. Sorry for the long confusing sentence. Thanks!


Mad scientist
Who knows about power... maybe 220whp? 230whp? It could be anything, depending on your tuning. You're probably safe at estimating at least 210whp though. :lol:

As for upkeep, just pay close attention to the engine... check fluid levels every time you get gas, go hit the dyno every now and then to make sure it's all in check, be vigilant with your oil changes and tranny fluid changes, etc- you'll be fine.


^^^^ that, and don't race corvettes heheehehehe :lol: <_<


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yeah b20/VTEC! By the way, I live in the frozen north (ND), so do you think that I will have a hard time starting it in the winter?