b20 in an ek help

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hey guys i need help to put in a b2o in my ek. the motor is already here i have a complete motor with alternator everything and n ls tranny with hasport shift linkage and integra axles and complete civic si mounts. my question is ive been hearing things like i cant use the crv alternator or can i use my civic a/c compresoor becasue i still want aircon what else will i be needing please let me know whoever went thru this swap thanks in advance.
No civic A/C cause mounting is different and b series alt is b series alt, you can use crv.
you can use the civic compressor.. hasport makes a swap mount for that. just search honda AC mount on ebay you'll find it. make sure it's hasport though.
naw nothing came up on ebay....if i wanna use integra a/c compressor does it matter what year it get i know the 90-93 if different what about the 94-95 is it different than 96 up
ive heard that the usdm and the jdm version of the b20 are not alike..../// how will i know which version do i have