b20 seem to lack power

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Ok, so i been driving my honda civic b20 around and it seem to be lacking alot of power. what can it be?? So far the mod i got are crower(402) on stock cams gears, under drive pully, lighten flywheel(8lbs), short ram intake, and 21/2 exuhast pipe with stock cat i made sure it was timed right so that cant be the problem. And sometime the car seem to bog like it losing gas then get back up again when i shift.


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i had a b16 in my ef and it had burned a spark plug wire and it felt the exact same way ur describing
i had the same problem in my VW. well from what you're describing. It would be fine then it would bog down. Changed plugs, changed injectors, changed plugs again.. turned out to be bad wires. Technically they were supposed to have been changed my last tune up but the asshole at the garage i took it to didnt really change them. I would've done it myself but its a pain to change them out on VW's, you have to take the whole intake manifold off to get the middle two spark plugs.

long story short -- check the wires.


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What ECU are you running? TPS good? Any CEL?


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sounds like u needs VTAK!!!!!!

Yeah great responce, come in and do nothign to help the guy, and its vtec, gtfo.

OP what kinda tune do you got? when was the last time plugs and wires were changed? hows your cap and rotor look?


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a rocker arm popped out of place on my buddys teg and it had the same problem take your valve cover of and check also check to make sure your valves are adjusted right if there to tight it will make it loose power learned that from experience


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Well today i did all the maintenance i can to it, change plug, wire, rotor, caps, TPS is good. The only thing i didn't do was adjust the valve which will be done tomorrow morning when i get up. So far my bogging stopped, but the power is just not there.No i havnt gotten it tunned yet. I am going to install a walbo 255 fuel pump is that going to be ok? or will my car run rich as hell?


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The power isn't there because its not tuned. you can install the walbro fuel pump, it won't cause any trouble. now unless you plan on getting larger injectors and bigger mods to justify the extra fuel that the pump can deliver, it would be pointless to have it in there.