b20 vs ls vtec turbo

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I am debating which block to buy, but I will put a vtec head on either because my h22 makes non vtec just no fun. Without sleeving the block, how much boost could each block handle? How much after sleeving? If I did send away for sleeving, what bore should I be looking for to turbo?
Your H22 is non-vtec? Are you sure you are not talking about an H23 or am I just on crack? Stock engines can usually handle up to 8psi but concentrate more on your TUNE than just a psi number. Tuning is what will help your engine not blow up. Best of luck to you. :thumbsup:
You'll want to stay below 350whp on both of those engines provided they have a decent piston/rod combo. Stock sleeves won't handle much more than that with the common person tuning the car.
ls block is stringer than the b20. if you're not planning to sleeve, the ls is the better choice.
No I said I will never be without vtec because of my h22. I have an h22 in my civic and I am building a del sol. So if I was to go the sleeving route, would the b20 be a better option due to more displacement. Also, does anyone know of a good tuner in Ontario? preferably north of Toronto.
if you're sleeving, it doesn't really matter what block you pick. they'll end up being the same
that's what I figured, because I can just specify to bore to 84mm on the b18 block, resulting in the same displacement. how reliable would be b18 be at 350whp with a good tune(unsleeved)? If I do go with that hp, what all would I need to replace in the engine? how long will the engine last? and again if you know of any good shops in Ontario...
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There is not a set time that the engine will last. It depends on how you drive it, how well its tuned, the parts used, etc. There's a ton of variables.
ya I guess that was kinda a dumb question. it should be fairly reliable though eh? I know a couple guys that boosted their civics, not sure what all they had done but they only lasted 3 summers.
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They will never last as long as a stock Honda engine. That's just a proven fact. Honda builds these engines so precisely from the factory it is absolutely insane.

But yes, the engine can still be reliable while turbocharged. Personally I have a turnkey 350+whp EJ6 that I built myself :)