hey im about to purchase a b20 bare block this week. i still havent decided how im going to build it up. as far as N/A or turbo. if i go turbo id most likely leave it non vtec so i can have less problems and financial budget. but what internals should i use. would an itr or gsr crankshaft be benefiticial to me? help me out with some idea
thanks in advance


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no not really, the cranks are very similiar, except your b20 crank dives out a tad more displacement.

and also you have a larger bore :)


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Originally posted by dizzyroc88@Mar 20 2004, 03:35 PM
what can i do to put out better numbers and keep my displacement

by better numbers are you talking about horsepower? just build the motor for either n/a or turbo which ever you choose. as for displacement, 2.0L is fine, it's 84.5mm. If you're not happy with that I guess you could have it bored and honed to 85mm but I don't really know how big of a difference it will be. 86mm and up is usually for all motor cars though.