B20a5, What Can I Do?

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Can anybody help me? I don't have a lot of cash but i want to tweak my '90 Prelude a bit. Is there anything I can do without spending too much money? A better air filter? better plugs? I'm open to all suggestions. Thanx for any help given.
the b20a5 is kind of a un-revhappy motor. i personally wouldnt wast my money on big upgrades as you will no see that much gain. to get the most out of your motor, go with an intake kit (cold air preferably), a header, and a full exhaust.
So does this mean that there is only a limited amount i can do with this motor? If so why do i see a bunch of people wanting to swap to this motor? Is there anything else i can do to get more hp out of it?
They are swaping the b20 out of the crv not the prelude si.
I've heard header and cat has a combined 10-15% gain in power, but i am positive that if you put any money into that car you will regret it. There just isn't enough aftermarket support.
There is an article on swapping a b-series head onto it, but not worth the cash. That motor is like the d17. Hardly anything made for them.

Your best bet? Sell it, buy a civic. Endless choices there. If you can save, after you buy a civic or something with more choices. Throw that b20a5 motor over a bridge and do us all a favor. :)

Yes.. the b20 everyone is getting is out of the CRV. Its the b20b and b20z.