b20b blocks in florida

I have two crv blocks I'm looking to sell or trade. Both are legit with papers and vins. One I just had machined to 84.5mm with .5 gap for rings and had a block guard installed for turbo. The other is stock.

Willing to do some trading for "REAL" spoon parts, civic 92-95 hatch with title, or other performance parts.
Just trying to get back what I have into each. The one I just bought off ebay and payed 400 plus shipping. I also spent 450 for sleeves for it that I have had not installed. The other I paid 300 just for the block 40 for each cyclinder to have it bored and 60 for hot tank decked and block guard installed and 90 for the guard plus I don't remember the shipping. I have a darton block on the way so I was just woundering what I could get back out of them. Not trying to rob anyone but I have reciepts so...
More interested in trading then selling. Are you in Florida? Some people like myself would buy a block for 400 instead of paying 700 for alot I wouldn't use.

For example: 1992 civic hatch and using b20 vtec with block gridle.... Cann't use intake, sensors, pan, oil pickup, head, distributor, and that doesn't leave much. I can do more for parts for locals because I can save the shipping. I have enough parts to do three b20/vtecs but not looking to get rid of everything untill mine is complete.


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i'm in florida. lemme know what we can work out for one of them that runs. or is atleast very close to it. thanks. pm me