B20B EK electical issues

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So I finally have all the mechanical stuff out of the way. I hooked up *most* of the wiring harness (no o2 sensors because i have no exhaust on it yet, reverse lights not hooked up, but everything to make it run is in place, I think). I drop the battery in and turn the key for the first time - NOTHING! Not even the lights turn on. I thought the battery might be dead, so I charged it and tried again - same thing. Got the volt meter out and it has 11ish volts, until I hook up the positive terminal, and it drops to 8 volts. There is a ground somewhere, but I haven't the first clue where to look. Any suggestions?


You should have the ground for the battery, one off the valve cover, one of the thermostat housing, and one off the transmission.
I put new grounds on the car and now I can hook the positive cable and there is no voltage drop. But as soon as I touch the negative cable, the voltage drops to about 1 volt. ?????
Found it - starter wire was grounding on the starter. It now will turn over, but not stay running.

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