B20b4 Turbo'd

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What do you think a b20b4 turbo'd in a 94 civic ex 5 speed would be like?


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I imagine it would probably be some sort of gas-powered engine made of metal and supplemented with some kind of turbocharging system. The engine would be controlled with a computer and pedals inside the car, and it would cause the front wheels to rotate at variable speeds.


But seriously though, you need to be more specific with respect to what exactly is it you want to know.
Okay heres specific

If I take a b20b4 engine...port and polish the head, put ferrea s/s racing valves, titanium retainers, and dual valve springs, JG edelbrock intake manifold, THEN put wiseco forged pistons, eagle forged rods, arp bolts, and a cometic hi-boost head gasket, THEN put a revhard stage 2 turbo kit on it, what do you think the highest psi i could put in for a 1/4 mile race would be(without blowing up of course), and what do you think it would get for 1/4 mile at that max PSI.

id tune with apex'i boost controller, greddy turbo timer, and hondata s200 with turbo.

i would put new brakes, clutch, tranny, flywheel, and suspenion in.

let me know estimated max psi, daily psi, and estimated 1/4 mile time at max psi

hope that specific enough... thanks guys!

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we cant estimate or guesstimate what tiem you will run in the quarter....

but with forged pistons and the right compression you should be able to put out about 25lbs at the track.... 14 daily
do you think it will beat a superchaged 1995 tauras sho? dont say shos are slow pieces of shit, because though they may be pieces of shit, they're greased terds that scoot at a stock 14.5 or SOMETHING like that. they come STOCK with forged pistons and rods, they're quick, and with a supercharger, they'll be real quick


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It's been said on this website a million times "can I beat such and such with this and that?" I'm sorry but you won't get a definitive answer. You've got to be a good driver to handle the boost levels you are talking about. You need to really worry about what you'll do for your traction issues. After you're done with the car, let us know if you beat that supercharged SHO or not.

Again, I'm not trying to be an asshole here, just letting you know that you can get all sorts of opinions about whether or not your car will be fast, and you can go around saying "when my car is done I will beat so and so," but you really should build that motor before you talk the talk.
Yes your exactly right.
I've never raced anything besides my stock d16z6. And Im sure Ill end up hurting myself in this car Im going to build. My plan is to get a 94 Civic EX Vtec 5speed, and put a revhard stage 2 turbo kit on it, and make the internals capable of 20psi. Im going to drive it taily around 7 psi and try to race all the other stock cars in my town at that and hopefully be able to beat them. If I happen to come up against something bigger... like a corvette or a camaro, I want to be able to turn my PSI up to 20 and beat it.
I also think if my car is capable of taking 20psi for the track, running it at 7psi daily wont hurt it anymore then it should, if you know what Im saying.

The reason I asked about the b20b4 is because today I went to an auction, and inside of this piece of shit looking 97 civic ex, I mean piece of shit, broken back bumper hanging off NOT painted, still the gray fiberglass, the red had been all primered to look like shit, it did have nice wheels though, but anyways... I looked under the hood and it had a b20b4 and a turbocharger, and I think it had nos too because there was a steal hose going into the top of the turbo, or something like that, my uncle just said it was nos. the breaks in it are larger then normal, its got Apex'i V-AFC and EVC and I bet its got Hondata or something good like that. Im not sure... but Im willing to bet I dont have to pay anymore then 2000 to get the whole damn thing!

But I think Im going to keep my stock d16z6 and make it capable of 20psi if need be. All this stuff I want to do wont happen for about a month, because I have to fix up and sell about 4 cars to get enough money to do it. Im trying to get all the research done right now so that I can have a pretty damn nice car, and a pretty damn fast car when I need it to be.

I just want to have fun.