B20V cam selection

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'97 B20b block
Stock pistons and rods
ARP rod bolts
Cylinders honed, new rings and bearings etc
'99 GSR head
Aftermarket flat face valves, swirl polished and such
Cleanup/blending in the intake throats behind the valve seats
Aftermarket retainers and locks
Looks like stock dual springs
Nice valve job
GSR cams
Skunk2 IM
DC Sports 4-2-1 header
2.25" exhaust, no cat, thrush muffler
4" intake pipe with cone filter
9.5:1 compression

Use: Spirited daily driver and weekend race/fun car

Makes enough power and torque to pull my boss's 2012 GTI, I estimate 160whp and 99mph traps based on previous cars i've owned and raced. The goal was not and is not a 9k rpm, super high output race engine. Just a fun swap that moves out and gets good mileage. With the stock GSR cams the motor is pretty much done pulling after 7500rpm. Rev is at 8k for reliability and safety of the engine, stock dual valve springs etc but I know a good cam upgrade will make more power than stock cams from 5k up so I will still be able to take advantage of more aggressive cams with an 8k rev limit, especially with the 2.0. Sorry for the novel, just trying to lay down as much information as possible. Oh, and ptv clearance is not an issue i've got plenty of that. I will probably go with a better header and bigger exhaust soon too. Would love to see 180whp on the mustang dyno I use. Cam recommendations plzz


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with compression that low, you cant really get too crazy with cams... something like a itr/ctr profile or stage 1 type cam would probably be good. I have 9.7:1 cr in my turbo b20vtec and i used Blox A cams. They are very similar to ctr cams.


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Stage 1 style is all i'm really looking at. Just something to get another 10 hp or so on the big end. Not a peak gain, a solid gain from 5k to 8k would be nice. GSR cam specs are not impressive to me at all. Skunk2 stage 1 or 2 any good?


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Make sure you have the valve clearance. I seem to remember CTR or ITR cams causing tapping on a mostly stock set-up.


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I dont advise Skunk2 products anymore. But they were the first to make a decent set of B-Series VTEC camshafts (late 90's)

I know Kelford makes camshafts for K-Series that can give solid gains throughout the power band. I would suggest you check them out. I also agree that blox stg1 are similar to Type R camshaft profiles. I had CTR camshafts in a B16A and didn't have any PTV issues. Plus, you claimed you have plenty of clearance anyways. Seems to me that you have the compression for a turbo. You could run 12-15lbs and benefit from a larger duration set of camshafts. But I can't see much gain from a big cam on a low compression NA motor.


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You cannot run a big aftermarket cam on stock b20 pistons as your p2v clearance is small. Also cam adjustments are nonexistent with aftermarket cams.

Just spray a 50 shot and be done. Absolutely no reason to cam on a low comp.