B20vtec build after 2 years..

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i picked up my beauty (LS)after my first deployment to Iraq for $3.5k all stock with 70k on the engine. I didn't know I was getting jacked because I was new and retarded of course but can't change the past:(.
After much time and money on my car and being called "retard", "n00b" and "gtfo" comments I digged websites to achieve faster "DD" all the sudden this "DIY" caught my eyes and I figured.. hey why not try this. WRONG ANSWER..:eek:
B18 soon changed to B20.. im not going to say what happened.. let me just say "DIY is for PROS!!" ^_^

After 2 years this is happened to my car
B20/VTEC (from B16)
Rage 4-1 long tube header
Spoon IM
BC Stage 2 camshaft
BC dual spring/retainer
Greddy Ti-c exhaust
Tanabe NF210 spring
Tokick shock (blue)
Skunk2 cam gears
Project Mu break pads (stock one was going bad)
B16 tranny

I haven't drove my car yet because.. I'm in Iraq yet again and my car was done while I was over here. I still got some time left over here and wanted to hear some opinons from YOU! :D
This is going to be DD and I dont like fancy stuff on my car since I dont have garage to keep my car in safe place...
By the way, my goal is to get about 170~180 whp but its not set... my main goal is to have fun on the road.
Thank you :cool:
This may be a little off topic, but no one should be disrespecting anyone who is in the services and fighting for our country. It's people like you that make it possible for us to have these forums and make stupid comments on them. There are a lot of HATERS out there, and I would like to try to apologize for that. I also went B20vtec (and turbo), so if you have any questions I would be happy to try to answer them. Thank you for putting yourself in harms way for the rest of us. Good luck with your build.
Im so confused. Is he talking to someone in the past? Does this guy still even check this site? Whats going on here?