B20vtec crx for sale

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B20b4 bottom end, ported and polished gsr obd1 head, type r cams, msd, type r intake, 4-2-1 header, bigger throttle body (can’t remember brand), skunk2 2.5 inch exhaust no cat, valid nj inspection, skunk2 coilovers, rear disk brakes, ls trans with no grinds or popouts, front/rear strut tower bars, full clean interior, radio w/ cd player sounds good, gsr blades, rock solid body. Too much to list, Sucker runs really well, has a lot of guts, vtec hits hard. Pics taken a couple of months ago, has been in storage sense then. Call 201-496-0316 or email at capitpuds@yahoo.com

B20vtec CRX Built Clean original paint


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where is essex county? nice rex by the way.

never mind...damn i would love to get this. Jersey is a little far from Forida though:lol: