b20z crank position swap sensor problems

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ok, im using my obd2 `1996 d16y8 wiring harness to wire up my 2001 b20z2. the crank position sensor on the y8 is 3 pin. but on the b20 its two pin.

this is really throwing me for a loop. can someone shed some light on this please?

thank you



Originally posted by smooth_criminal@Jun 15 2005, 11:43 AM
color mathc the two wires and leave the last one disconected.
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are you sure about this?

im using a 1996 od2 ls ecu
Originally posted by smooth_criminal@Jun 15 2005, 12:35 PM
yes, i had to do the same thing in my car. i went from a 3 prong LX motor to a 2 prong LS setup.
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worked like a dream. thanks man.

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