B20z Vs B20b

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Junior Member
Tryin to find out wether to go with b20b or b20z. i want to do a turbo b20 setup in my 96 coupe. also what is the best transmission for the b20 turbo setup? is this a fairly simple swap or a more complicated like the h22 swaps?


Senior Member
Go with the b20b it's got lower compression, but the z has pretty low comp. as well, but they are both the same, and if your gonna go with aftermarket pistons then it doesn't matter. As far as a tranny a LS tranny should do just fine. For complication level, it's not like dropping in a h22. It's exactly like dropping a b18 in your civic. Both the b18 and b20 blocks are the same, just that b20 is 84mm.